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Direct investments

mean direct impact



mean direct


We are builders, first and foremost. By speaking the same language as the business owners we meet, we are able to collaborate with them, facilitate an ownership transition and most importantly, secure their legacy.


We care about securing

your legacy

At Snowdon, we understand how important it is for owners to protect the culture they spent years crafting, and the attachment they feel towards their employees, customers and mission. That understanding is an integral part of our approach, and we will work hand in hand with existing teams to maximize a company’s potential, but preserve its essence.

  • A company’s foundation is as strong as the people who sustain it. As investors with operating backgrounds, Snowdon and Sweet Park Capital believe in people as the source of a competitive edge in any business.

    Norman Jaskolka
    CEO, Sweet Park Capital
  • We were very focused on maintaining the DNA of our company. It takes decades to build, but can be very fragile if it is poorly handled. Snowdon takes company culture very seriously – and that makes all the difference.

    Phil Jenner
    Co-Founder, Klondike Lubricants
  • Building upon the legacy of a strong business is enormously value-enhancing, and is a key element in creating an organization that endures through generations. This is one of the most inspiring features of great private company entrepreneurship.

    Rajiv Tarigopula
    Executive and Investor

We work with

business owners in 3 ways



I want a partner

to help me grow



I want to sell,

but stay involved



I want to retire and

leave my legacy

in safe hands

When it comes to selling your business, you have options.

Why should you work with us?

Because we strive to be your true long-term partners.

Here is how we are different:

We are builders who speak your language

In addition to training with leading investment firms, we acquired, operated and built a great company together

We move quickly and with conviction

As independent thinkers with private equity and CEO reflexes, we evaluate opportunities and make decisions with speed and agility

We believe in long-term value creation

Building enduring businesses takes time, and we treat our investments as long-term partnerships, holding investments longer than traditional financial buyers

We are backed by patient, entrepreneurial capital

Our access to Sweet Park Capital’s balance sheet, network and operating expertise means we have certainty of closing for M&A transactions

What we look for


  • A business that is growing and has momentum
  • EBITDA, or operating profit, of at least $3 million
  • A sustainable competitive edge built over time
  • Low risk of technological or business model disruption
  • A high caliber team focused on value creation



  • Sectors or end markets with strong tailwinds
  • Industries that are less cyclical and less regulated
  • A fragmented competitive space or an opportunity to consolidate market share


Snowdon is focused on transactions that allow business owners to sell all or part of their stake in a privately held company. We provide a flexible deal structure and tailored approach every single time.



We are hands-on partners that go beyond board meetings and quarterly reports. Our team is dedicated to taking private companies to the next level through accelerated growth, operational improvements and rigorous talent development.

How we

create value

Value must be created in order to be claimed, and our active ownership approach reflects that belief. Following our experience acquiring a company and stepping in as co-CEOs, we concluded that a handful of key activities drove disproportionate results and therefore, value. The management teams we partner with are able to achieve similar outcomes by leveraging our financial knowledge, operating experience and deep network of contacts.

  • 1.

    Digital transformation

    Traditional or family-owned businesses are often just starting to reach their customers digitally or to manage their operations using cloud-based technologies. Snowdon’s in-house team has led full-cycle ERP implementations, supported complex cloud migrations and developed digital marketing tools that have transformed its portfolio companies’ unit economics and operating margins.

  • 2.

    Building a talent edge

    We believe that hiring the right people has a disproportionately positive impact on the long-term success of a business. We have built that conviction through action, helping companies we invest in design, enforce, and sustain a talent edge. From best-in-class initial screening, skills-testing and hiring, to onboarding, training and retention programs, we work hand in hand with management teams to ensure that great people remain at the heart of our investment thesis.

  • 3.

    Thinking bigger

    Humble roots don’t have to mean ordinary plans for the future of a business, and Snowdon is determined to help privately owned companies achieve big, hairy, audacious goals that may have previously seemed out of reach. We are surrounded by investors and advisors that have built globally successful brands and teams – and they all started with a single customer. By using our network of relationships, as well as a proven playbook for growth, we push our partners to think bigger.

Are you a business builder

exploring the search fund path?

If you are an entrepreneur considering entrepreneurship through acquisition, or looking to understand the advantages of the search fund investing model, Snowdon is here to help. We have been through the same journey, and are willing to share our firsthand experience.

Sometimes, you have to test the water with both feet.

Are you an M&A advisor looking for qualified buyers?

We are committed to working closely with M&A advisors to identify a business owner’s priorities, address their concerns and design an offer package that is compelling and tailor-made. The earlier we can collaborate with a seller’s advisors, the better the outcome.

Every transaction starts with a relationship.


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