M&A Advisors

Transparent partnerships
lead to successful deals

We believe that time is a key ingredient in any successful investment. The same philosophy applies when building partnerships with M&A advisors and their clients, the entrepreneurs and builders we are looking to engage with. With that long-term view in mind, our people are committed to creativity, flexibility and above all, transparency throughout the M&A process.


Working hand in hand

to achieve a common objective

As an M&A advisor, you create value for your client by finding the right partner who combines capital, expertise and an alignment of values that can stand the test of time. Here is how working with us gets you there:

Certainty of closing

We are aligned with a deep and well-funded balance sheet that has closed on multiple transactions in our indicated size range

Speed of execution

If required, we can close on an accelerated timeline from the moment we sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with a company

Creative and flexible

We pride ourselves on developing deal structures and transition plans that directly address sellers’ objectives

Proven active ownership

We are not financial engineers – we build companies through investments in people, operations and technology

Deal referral program

Snowdon Partners highly values its deal intermediary network, and is open to qualified referrals from individual practitioners, M&A advisory firms, professional service providers and business brokers. We have developed a thoughtful referral program that compensates our partners for opportunities that result in a closed transaction.

We’ve adopted the

owner-operator mindset.

We’ve been operating businesses for longer than we’ve been investing in them. This means that we can truly relate to business owners when we meet them and in our experience, this is a real differentiator in a sale process.

Let's talk!

Whether you have an actionable investment opportunity or are looking to develop a relationship with our firm, we would welcome the chance to set up a call or meeting.

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