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Snowdon invests in aspiring builders that have taken the leap into entrepreneurship through acquisition, taking a flexible approach when it comes to funding model, search criteria and company profile. Are you raising your hand to acquire and operate a business? You’ve got our attention.

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We did it,

and it was


Nothing can quite prepare you for your first day as CEO of a business, but it is an experience that stays with you forever. As investors and ex-searchers, we can provide a unique perspective as you embark on your search fund journey. We can’t wait to hear your story.

Lessons from our search

You are the CEO on day one: there is no transition period

Identify the big value drivers early on

Make decisions fast, course correct faster

Be the CEO you would want to work for

  • As much as we’d like it to be a simple numbers game, the search fund life cycle is very personal. From fundraising to acquisition, it is key to prioritize relationships and ensure personal fit in terms of location, skill set, and quality of life for your family. The math is critical, but so is the story.

    Jessica Patterson
    CEO, Pharmacy Specialists
  • Throughout each of our independent searches, as well as during our transaction phase, Kirk and I remained close to Snowdon for their financial acumen and straightforward advice. In addition to being available, they always made it fun to engage on critical deal points.

    Jackie Kopcho
    CEO, Tortorella Group

Building a business is hard

But we’re in your corner.

Building a business is hard We get it.

We’ve done it.

We offer an
operator’s perspective

We have been in your shoes as small business operators. We know that the mundane can become top of mind, that people issues can derail your month, and that momentum is one of the hardest things to create. We also know how much fun it can all be.

We are coaches who answer the call

We are one phone call, text message or e-mail away. It is not only our duty as investors, but also a privilege for us to help business builders navigate challenges in real-time.

You will have access to our deep network

Your next key hire, customer or supplier is only one conversation away. We believe in the power of relationship ecosystems, and will make relevant introductions when the time is right.

We embrace M&A as a growth strategy

Once in the CEO seat, making a strategic acquisition can lead to remarkable outcomes. We have meaningful experience structuring and negotating add-on acquisitions, and can be a guide through that process.

Our Search Fund Team

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we know that the path of entrepreneurship through acquisition is challenging. The best success stories all have a strong partnership with wise coaches, advisors, and board members at each stage in the process. We offer decades of experience in search and a vast network of resources for exceptional people seeking entrepreneurship through acquisition.

  • Dan Chetrit

    Partner & Co-Founder

    Made up of equal parts dream, fear, grit and triumph, entrepreneurship is the ultimate enabler for builders. It has been at the heart of the Snowdon journey.

    Dan Chetrit
    Partner & Co-Founder


    Dan earned his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with Distinction from McGill University.


    Dan is an experienced operator, investor and strategic advisor. As a consultant with McKinsey & Co., he advised Fortune 100 companies and private equity sponsors on strategic mandates. He then joined as one of the first investment professionals at Bertram Capital, a Silicon Valley-based private equity firm, where he was responsible for due diligence and execution for middle-market transactions. More recently, Dan served as the co-CEO of Moment Travel Group, a leader in the group travel space.


    Dan is a travel enthusiast, an aviation geek and a committed NCAA basketball follower. He is a proud husband and father of three.

  • Liroy Haddad

    Partner & Co-Founder

    Surround yourself with a great team, embrace being challenged and thrive in the discomfort. The rest will feel easy.

    Liroy Haddad
    Partner & Co-Founder


    Liroy earned his Bachelors in Commerce with Distinction from McGill University, and his MBA from Harvard Business School.


    Liroy spent most of his career as an investor, operator and M&A advisor. At Lazard & Frères, he advised large financial sponsors on cross-border M&A transactions and restructuring mandates. He then joined Oaktree Capital’s private equity group in Los Angeles, where he focused on buyouts, special situation investments and interim operating roles across multiple industries. Liroy recently served as the co-CEO of Moment Travel Group.


    Liroy enjoys music from around the world, is an olive oil and coffee aficionado, and a budding cycling enthusiast. He is a proud husband and family man.

  • Alexandre Minville

    Investment Associate

    Always remain adaptable and self-aware. Yesterday’s home runs don’t win today’s games.

    Alexandre Minville
    Investment Associate


    Alexandre earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from HEC Montréal. During his studies, Alexandre became the president of the FPHEC, HEC Montréal’s student-led investment fund with over $1 million in AUM.


    Prior to joining Snowdon, Alexandre worked as an investment banking associate at Scotiabank in the Montreal office. While at Scotiabank, he worked on executing M&A transactions, fairness opinions and capital-raising mandates across multiple industries.


    Alexandre enjoys practicing various sports including racket sports, skiing, windsurfing and cycling. A music enthusiast, he enjoys listening to a wide range of music ranging from classic rock to country. Alex also enjoys discovering new movies.

  • Sarah Campanile

    Executive Assistant

    Work and spend time with people who challenge and inspire you; it can change your life forever.

    Sarah Campanile
    Executive Assistant


    Sarah has a DEC in Advertising Management from Champlain College.


    Sarah has 8 years of administrative experience holding key executive support roles in global financial and fund services companies. She has led several office expansions and played a key role shepherding internal special projects. Her expertise is streamlining complex, multi-stakeholder initiatives and making scheduling magic happen.


    Sarah was born and raised in Montreal and is a proud daughter of Italian immigrants. She is enthusiastic about interior design, fashion and a wide range of music from techno to hip-hop and classic rock.

How we

create value

for search funds

There will be multiple chapters to your search fund journey. As searchers, operators and investors we have developed our own playbook for each of these chapters, and in turn have adapted those lessons to add value for the search entrepreneurs we’ve backed. We will work hand in hand with searchers and CEOs to build scalable and enduring businesses.

  • 1.

    Designing the search

    A great search starts with a very well-defined mandate. From drafting scripts for A/B testing outreach campaigns, to deciding how much time to allocate to the intermediary channel and tracking KPIs relating to your search fund funnel – we have access to best-in-class resources that can make your search chapter more effective.

  • 2.

    Structuring the transaction

    We are firm believers that a well-structured deal can be a source of incremental return for investors, and therefore for search entrepreneurs. M&A concepts such as working capital tend to be overlooked when closing timelines are compressed, but as your partners we will make sure you cover your bases.

  • 3.

    Preparing for the exit

    Exiting a business successfully is a blend of art and science, but one thing is certain: it requires experience. As your investors and partners, we can act as sounding board when you are selecting an advisor and going to market at the end of your operating period.

Your path to the C-Suite:

Resources to help you get started.

As a prospective searcher, you have access to fantastic resources and advice around fundraising, searching for a business and becoming CEO. It is also one of the rare communities where direct conversation is not only possible, it is encouraged.

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