GLP Canada

A focused HVAC

leader with a

commitment to service

With an exciting growth plan in place, the GLP management team welcomed incoming co-CEOs Phil and Cameron with open arms.


For over 65 years, GLP Canada has served as a leading HVAC equipment distributor focused on niche verticals in residential, commercial and industrial end markets.


Location: Oakville, ON & Calgary, AB

Partnered: 2022

Industry: Business Services

Category: Search Fund Investments


The leader in FIPS

140 validated encryption

We were thrilled to back a disruptor in a niche sector, with high barriers to entry and a remarkable customer list.


SafeLogic is a trusted partner for blue chip customers who need to certify a minimum level of cryptography to deploy their applications in the U.S. federal government.


Location: Remote

Partnered: 2021

Industry: Software

Category: Search Fund Investments

JDI Cleaning

Quality is a way of

life for JDI

Snowdon enabled a private equity-minded operator in a franchise space where protocols and a growth playbook are highly effective.


JDI Cleaning Systems’ franchise partners have experience in providing customized cleaning, janitorial and disinfection solutions fit for commercial business environments.


Location: Burlington, Ontario

Partnered: 2022

Industry: Business Services

Category: Search Fund Investments

Pharmacy Specialists

The leader in

home infusion

Snowdon proudly backed two ambitious and values-driven entrepreneurs to take this home health business to the next level.


Pharmacy Specialists provides infusion medications and education to patients in home care settings and serves thousands of customers across the state of Texas.


Location: Dallas, Texas

Partnered: 2021

Industry: Healthcare

Category: Search Fund Investments

J Tortorella Pools

Helping to create quality

environments is what we do best

In a unique turn of events, Snowdon enthusiastically backed both incoming operators of this crown jewel asset.


J Tortorella Pools is recognized as the leading designer and builder of high-end custom gunite pools in New York and ranks among the top 50 nationwide.


Location: Long Island, New York

Partnered: 2021

Industry: Consumer Services

Category: Search Fund Investments

Bullet trade

Superior workmanship

Snowdon partnered with incoming CEO Scott Nishi to infuse fresh leadership and processes into an already established industry leader.


Bullet is a reliable company offering certified skilled trades people with a broad range of capabilities, and serving large scale manufacturing clients with demanding environments.


Location: Guelph, Ontario

Partnered: 2020

Industry: Industrial Services

Strategy: Search Fund Investments


Making water fit for purpose

A partnership with Shane Wright, incoming CEO, to build a leading pump distribution business with exciting growth avenues in rainwater harvesting.


Interpump has grown into a dynamic business specializing in various pump and water treatment solutions and through its Net Zero division, the design and service of rainwater harvesting systems.


Location: Fergus, Ontario

Partnered: 2020

Industry: Industrial Services

Strategy: Search Fund Investments