Our strategy.

We are passionate business builders who aim to nurture entrepreneurs and their journey. Our strategy is simple: invest in high quality businesses, run by outstanding entrepreneurs. We do this in three ways:

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Principal Investing

We make direct investments in high quality private companies in Canada and the United States, across a variety of industries. Our primary focus is on buyouts and majority equity investments where we can align with high caliber management teams. We have a long-term horizon and owner mindset, which allows us to provide flexible capital and support companies in the pursuit of their transformational growth plans.

Investing Criteria

We target investments in companies that require our capital and expertise to accelerate growth or to facilitate either a partial or full shareholder exit. We look for the following characteristics across our investment strategies.



Companies with EBITDA, or cash flow, ranging from $3 million to $15 million, and the potential to target larger companies for minority investments.



Outstanding management teams with a proven track record of out-executing the competition and navigating through different operating environments.

Barriers to


Companies that have a competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate, and have built a moat that allows them to withstand economic cycles.



Growing companies in attractive industry verticals, with an opportunity to grow both revenue and free cash flow over the next few years.